Demo North Summit 2020

In February 2020 we hosted the first ever Demo North summit. Below are some of the highlights from the 3 day summit.

Demo North Summit 2020

During 3 days in February 2020 we gathered over 250 business leaders, investors, innovators and policy delegates from 15 different countries in Luleå & Piteå for the first ever Demo North Summit.

Over the 3 days, guests were invited to listen to Keynote speeches from both prominent local companies such as Northvolt and Hybrit amongst others, but also international giants such as NASA and Facebook.

In addition, guests were invited to visit local businesses on technical visits to learn more about how the region is implementing new innovations and technologies to reduce the climate impact of various industries.

Why Demo North Summit?

Some of the world’s largest and most ambitious innovation projects to reduce industries’ role in climate impact are currently taking place in Northern Sweden, yet perhaps due to the Scandinavian style of remaining understated, few people outside of the region are aware of them. Demo North aims to bring awareness of these projects, and their potential to help us globally achieve the IPCC 2030 Climate Goals.

Such fundamental innovations in industrial processes, such as using hydrogen produced from renewable energy to power Steel production, is our last resort to meet our climate targets. We believe that with our decades of testing and innovation experience, Northern Sweden offers companies the opportunity to become more agile in their implementation of new innovations, an urgency that is needed to alter our current climate trajectories.

“I came here to inspire you, but it is Northern Sweden that has inspired me”
- Denise Thaller, NASA

Through inviting guests from various industries around the world, we hope that more companies will benefit from what our region uniquely has to offer. Whether it is through investments, strategic partnerships, establishments or knowledge exchanges, we believe every industry that is interested in implementing innovations and reducing their climate impact can benefit from what Demo North has to offer.

"A very well organized event with a professional and open minded atmosphere. We hope to meet again in 2022!"
- Participant feedback

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The Arctic Experience

In addition to the Keynote speeches and technical visits, attendees also got to enjoy some of the best experiences that Arctic Sweden has to offer. A variety of informal morning and evening activities offered plenty of time for mingling, networking and enjoying some genuine Swedish experiences.

Dinner on ice

A magical dinner in tents on the frozen sea of Luleå, perfectly framed with a beautiful aurora.

Ice activities

A perfect start to the day with winter activities on the ice in Luleå harbor.

Arctic food

A taste of the best culinary experiences that the region has to offer

Featured Topics

The Demo North Summit 2020 revolved around the topics of how large-scale innovations can be implemented to reduce the climate impact of global industries. Below, you can read more about the scientific support for these ideas.

Speeding up innovation

Despite technological breakthroughs often gaining significant public attention, it normally takes approximately 20 to 30 years for new innovations to reach large-scale industrial commercialization. Is there a faster way?

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Reducing environmental impact

Throughout the world, countries, governments, and international organizations are struggling to implement new policies that adequately protect the planet and ensure that the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions actually occur. To bypass these delays, it is necessary for global industry players to take a central role in reducing global emissions. Companies are willing to step forwards for change, and our goal is to accelerate that step.

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