Arctic Business – Top Arctic start-ups

Arctic Business is Sweden's northernmost incubator, but also the world's 7th best and affiliated with Luleå University of Technology. During Demo North, visitors will get the opportunity to network with some of the most promising start-ups from Arctic Sweden. Here’s a brief introduction to the top start-ups selected by Arctic Business to participate at Demo North. During the event, you will get the opportunity to learn more about each start-up, meet the teams behind them – and if you are intrigued by them to book 1-on-1 meetings with the founders.

Centropy AB

Through a new way of using carbon fibers, Centropy provides a leading cooling technology for electronic components used in aerospace, automotive, data centers, computers and more.

eXeri AB

Through use of groundbreaking technology, Exeri is able to precisely position the location of defects in power grids. This allows for prediction and optimization of maintenance, exact positioning of errors and real-time decision support.

3eFlow AB

3eFlow AB provides theworld’s most hygienic and efficient tap water system. Among many benefits,energy and water consumption is greatly reduced and leaks can be instantlydetected.

Behaviosec AB

Behaviosec enables a new generation of authentication through innovative use of behavioural biometrics. The BehavioSec platform supports millions of users and billions of transactions.

ePosture AB

ePosture AB is a software solution provider in maintenance engineering, safety and risk management, as product support solutions to the industrial sectors. The company uses machine learning techniques to optimize human safety.

Nordic Quick Systems AB

Nordic Quick Systems has developed and patented a sprocket with rotatable and replaceable wear parts, which generates faster and safer maintenance of conveyors.

Fieldrobotix AB

FieldRobotix provide turn-key autonomous drone solutions with the ability of rapid deployment without requirement of piloting experience. This allows for use of drones without any pre-installed infrastructure in very demanding and inaccessible areas for easy acquiring of information.

Blikk AB

Blikk provides software for most things related to administration of businesses, such as time-reports,project planning and sales-support in a way that greatly reduces administration time.

Nuiteq AB

NUITEQ is a collaborative software company that enables teams, educational institutions,and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction. Nuiteq provides Natural User Interfaces, and is a leader in multi touch, gestures, voice and image recognition.

Netrounds AB

Netrounds provides a programmable, active test and service assurance platform for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. This enables communications service providers to reduce manual efforts required for network testing and assurance through use of automation,which greatly reduces costs.

Mindforce Gamelab AB

Mindforce Game Lab creates meaningful games that nudge people - into healthy habits. Using machine learning they make sense of big data and unleash its potential for personalised medicine.

Widefind AB

At Widefind, we are enabling our customers in industry to manage their operations for better efficiency, increased safety, and higher productivity. We do this by offering specialized solutions for positioning in complex industrial environments. Our solutions track our customers’ assets and people with high accuracy in real-time, and enables increased automation and better decisions that cuts costs and improves outputs


Spotin is a tech company striving to push the limits of how and where e-com can be made. They offer an e-commerce solution that can be applied to any existing website,allowing visitors to purchase displayed items through integration with online stores.