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Welcome to the Demo North content portal. On this page you will find various materials available for download about Demo North and the opportunities in Northern Sweden.

If you have any questions regarding the material, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

About Demo North

Demo North gathers together the researchers and companies behind the many large scale innovations underway in Northern Sweden today that are dramatically reducing the climate impact of major industries. Below you will find materials such as presentations and research papers that explain more and how your company can benefit from our innovations.

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Demo North Summit 2020 - Keynote presentations

During the Demo North Summit 2020 our guests had the pleasure to listen to various keynote speeches. Some of our speakers were glad to share their presentations with the audience and other who may be interested after their performances. On the link below, you can download the presentations of the speakers who wished to share their materials.

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Pictures from Demo North Summit 2020

During the 3 day long summit in February 2020 we took hundreds of pictures of all the exciting activities and sessions. We have collected our favorites here for download below, so you can see what was going on or for you to share your fond memories if you were here.

If you use our pictures, kindly credit Demo North or Invest in Norrbotten as the source.

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