Site visits

Visit Europe's first launch site for satellites
- Swedish Space Corporation

In 2022, Esrange Space Center in Kiruna will be able to launch the first satellites into space. This will make Esrange the first launch site for satellites on the European mainland. Swedish Space Corporation, SSC, invites distinguished guests of the Demo North Summit to get a firsthand look into the physical and intellectual infrastructure necessary to make these launches a reality. The tour will also cover Esrange’s new testbed facility where advanced rocket technology is developed, as well as a look into the rapid development of space services aiming at utilizing the opportunities from the rapid development of the global space sector.

As one of three major developing industries in Norrbotten, alongside the mining and battery sectors, space activities have flourished in the region since the 1960’s. At the center of this booming industry stands Esrange, the world’s most versatile space center in northern Sweden, at the very heart of SSC’s operations and a key node in the European space cluster.
Together with an extensive ecosystem of value chain partners and customers from most parts of the world, SSC is underway of strengthening northern Sweden’s position as a world-leading region within the space industry. Offering some of the world’s most sustainable and cost-efficient space applications to private and public organizations – future satellite launches included – the growing space capabilities in northern Sweden will enable countless opportunities for business and academia. Welcome to Esrange, the leading hub for European space operations and home to future satellite launches.

Visit the Icehotel, the coolest hotel in the world

Two hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, you’ll find the world-famous Icehotel. Each icy room is an art installation showcasing the designs of some of the world’s most talented artists. Over the last 30 years, the hotel – located in the village of Jukkasjärvi – has expanded to become a year-round hub for outdoor activities and inspired dining experiences.

With its breathtaking landscapes and proximity to the northern city of Kiruna, Jukkasjärvi has always been a popular summer destination. However, back in 1989, inspired by the Japanese tradition of ice sculpting, villager Yngve Bergqvist set out to create a wintertime attraction. His ice sculpting workshop, on the banks of the Torne River, was an instant success.

Now, 30 years later, Icehotel is one of the world’s top attractions, drawing visitors from around the globe who are eager to tick this truly unique experience off their bucket lists.

As Icehotel continues to grow, it keeps sustainability at the forefront of its development. The hotel is working towards a goal of becoming CO2 negative, utilising sustainable building materials, solar panels to regulate temperature and ice sourced directly from the Torne river – returning to its source as it thaws each spring.

We will visit the Icehotel on the evening of the 2nd day of our program – the 23rd of March. During our visit, you will enjoy a guided tour inside the world famous icehotel, constructed entirely of ice and snow. Included in your Demo North ticket price is a fantastic dinner at the Icehotel, featuring tasty and high quality local produce from the surrounding area.  You then have a choice of staying overnight at the Icehotel, either in a cold suite or a warm room – a limited number of warm rooms have been reserved for Demo North delegates, so please contact us to discuss this option.

Photographer: Asaf Kliger

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