Reducing the CO2 impact of industries

As a vast majority of all carbon dioxide emissions are caused by the industry, we cannot rely on consumers to make all necessary changes to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.
It is vital that the industry assumes its responsibility and work diligently to introduce new ways of reducing companies' climate impact.

Industries must show the courage to overhaul old ways of working that compromises our environment. There is much to be gained for businesses and for our planet

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Speeding up innovation

The time it takes for companies to bring innovation from the drawing table to commercial markets has become an important competitive factor. As the disastrous effects of climate change have become imminent, it has also become increasingly urgent to reduce the climate impact of various industries.

The race is now on to implement more environmentally sustainable ways of producing goods and services.

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Large scale projects

With environmental questions finally on top of every decision maker and corporate leaders mind, we are finally ready to push through the giant and fundamental changes necessary to save our planet from an environmental disaster.

With carbon dioxide emissions largely concentrated into a handful of industries, it is crucial that we focus our efforts on where they matter the most.

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