22-24 March 2022
Decarbonizing the impossible

During 3 days in March 2022, we will gather business leaders, investors and innovators from all over the world on a journey through Northern Sweden. We want to share with you how we are implementing innovation quickly and on a large scale in industries with some of the biggest global climate impacts. We want to show you how establishing operations in Northern Sweden can lower your emissions and how we are decarbonizing the impossible.

For more than 60 years, industry-leading companies in the energy, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, and technology sectors have utilized the unique landscape and climate of the Swedish Arctic for performance-driven research, development, and testing.


The worlds largest underground iron mine, the famous Icehotel and more...


Who is behind Demo North?

Demo North is founded and operated by Invest in Norrbotten. Invest in Norrbotten is the agency established to attract international investors and capital to the Norrbotten region, as well as helping local companies expand by finding the right overseas partners to assist their growth.We support companies planning to establish or expand business in our region, and with our wide network of local, regional and national business contacts, we ensure a smooth and swift investment process for your company. Naturally, all our services are free of charge and conducted with full confidentiality.You can read more about us at www.investinnorrbotten.se