Softlanding and Business Opportunities
in North Sweden

North Sweden is recognized as one of the most exhilarating growth regions globally, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, energy transition, and innovative breakthroughs. Currently hosting Europe’s  largest industrial investments in modern history, totalling a staggering US$1 trillion, north Sweden is positioned at the epicenter ofEurope's green transformation. The region is estimated to grow its population by 20 % in the next seven years and already has over 100 nationalities moving here to be part of the innovative green revolution. Naturally, this extreme expansion rate creates challenges and need for innovation and new partnerships, as well as opportunities for international businesses to take part and tap into the market.

With excellent conditions in place, with leading companies, unique testbeds, universities and a strong innovation system, the region is offering a compelling array of strengths that make it an ideal destination for international businesses and investors committed to a sustainable future.

Softlanding and support
The concept “Soft Landing in North Sweden” is provided by organisations that enables innovation, business opportunities and strategic partnerships that accelerates growth, knowledge and creativity amongst both businesses and people. We are all committed to the mission to contribute to our region’s potential to growth and we do this by collaboration between Investment promotion agencies, the Counties Councils, Science Parks and University interest organisations. Since we cover a broad spectrum of knowledge, competence and networks, we are eager to offer your company know-how and a fast track into new business opportunities within the green transformation- happening right now in North Sweden.

Bifrost Silicon Valley
To foster this development, a delegation from the counties Norrbotten and Västerbotten will be participating in the Bifrost conference in Silicon Valley from March 4-7, 2024. The delegation, featuring representatives from the Science Parks of the cities Skellefteå, Piteå, and Luleå, accompanied by LTU Business and Invest in Norrbotten, aims to bridge Silicon Valley's pioneering spirit and knowledge with our thriving local industries and eco systems. The purpose of the visit is to showcase how businesses in Silicon Valley can establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our local enterprises, contributing to growth and promoting innovation in our region.

Invitation to Demo North Summit and technical visits
As the next step, we invite interested and matching companies to the Demo North Summit in May in Northern Sweden. Combined with a whole week program with site visits, meetings and an introduction about how we can facilitate a potential soft landing process. This week provides an excellent opportunity to meet our local key players who've started the shift to the green transition and establish long term business partnerships.


Invest in Norrbotten

Malin Ekblom
Inward Investment Manager
Sara Grundström
‍Inward Investment Manager
At Invest in Norrbotten, we assist and inform foreign investors about business and investment opportunities. Our role is to support and coordinate companies that are planning to establish or expand their businesses in our region Norrbotten, ensuring a smooth process for your company. We offer a broad network of local, regional, and national business contacts. Naturally, all our services are free of charge and fully confidential.Currently, we are highly focused on the energy sector, particularly hydrogen, and on circular business opportunities within the food tech area – all of which are within Sara's area of expertise. Malin is primarily dedicating her work to assisting small and medium-sized companies seeking international partnerships and to the international conference, Demo North Summit.

Skellefteå Science City

Anna Mård
Anna is the CEO of Skellefteå Science City, the innovation company of Skellefteå Municipality tasked with accelerating innovation for growth and green transition. Anna will be happy to talk about games and digital industries, electric aviation and drones, battery manufacturing, renewable energy and cleantech.
Linda Fransson
Business Development - Energy / Head of Technical Visits
Linda drives Business Development in the Energy sector. Additionally, she manages Technical Visits in Skellefteå municipality, coordinating meetings between public and private entities. Linda will speak about topics such as metals and minerals, encompassing recycling, industry and manufacturing, sustainable wooden construction, and solutions that contribute to sustainable societal transformation. She will also introduce an innovation program offering a potential partnership with one of the prominent companies in the energy sector.

Piteå Science Park

Ulf Westerberg
Innovation Manager and Cluster Director
Ulf is responsible for two clusters within bioindustry and composites. He will talk about new products from the forest industries side streams, bio-fuels and e-fuels, innovations within fiber composites, transformation of the energy sector, the graphite value chain and clean tech.

LTU Business

Karin Sandlund
Project Leader
About LTU Business
LTU Business is today one of the largest business development companies in northern Sweden, with its headquarters located in Luleå Science Park. LTU Business's mission is to promote innovation and development through collaboration between academia and society, with a particular focus on emerging green industries. Our consultants offer expert services in innovation management, strategy, operations, and competence development – often in combination with a project management role. LTU Business is one of the leading entities in Sweden for innovation support, assessing market potential for innovations in early stages, and identifying new markets for them. Through the years, over 500 companies have received our support in bringing their products and services to the market.

Luleå Science Park

Sara J:son Lindmark
About Luleå Science Park
Luleå Science Park - is a hotspot for technology, people, knowledge, and creativity at the center of the green industrial revolution in north Sweden. Luleå Science Park has around 2500 employees within 100 companies with the world as a market. We have 28 nationalities working in the park. At the center of our innovative ecosystem built around academia, business, organizations, and society are Luleå University of Technology, Arctic Business Incubator, and LTU Business. Our mission is to create an innovative social infrastructure that attracts talent, and establishments and helps companies succeed, grow, and reach an international market.

Partners – Demo North

Who is behind Demo North?

Demo North Summit is founded and operated by Invest in Norrbotten partly as an activity in an EU project called “Hållbara Investeringar”. Invest in Norrbotten is the agency established to attract international investors and capital to the Norrbotten region, as well as helping local companies expand by finding the right overseas partners to assist their growth. We support companies planning to establish or expand business in our region. and with our wide network of local, regional and national business contacts, we ensure a smooth and swift investment process for your company. Naturally, all our services are free of charge and conducted with full confidentiality.
You can read more about us at

Frida Ekeström

Project Manager
+46 70 219 38 17

Malin Ekblom

Inward Investment Manager
+4670 777 78 49