About Demo North

Demo North started off as a platform gathering actors working on developing innovation in large scale solutions, contributing to enhance the opportunities for environmental

Our goal is to share with the world how we are implementing innovation quickly and on a large scale in industries with some of the biggest global climate impacts . By demonstrating the speed and cost effectiveness of these sustainable innovations, we aim to inspire change and action. Through the Demo North Summit we aim to share with the world our six decades of experience in bringing innovation and sustainability to market. We will be your guide in exploring how establishing operations in the Arctic can lower your emissions, as well as costs.

Why Northern Sweden is Demo North

For more than 60 years, industry-leading companies in the energy, manufacturing,
transportation, aerospace, and technology sectors have utilized the unique landscape and
climate of the Swedish Arctic for performance-driven research, development, and testing.
Remarkable achievements have been generated by relying on a simple formula: connecting
industry leaders with the most skilled engineers and scientists, together with access to the
best testing facilities in the world.

This is the Demo North advantage. This formula’s perfect mix has accelerated innovation, by
shortening the time taken from an idea’s creation to it being produced and tested under
some of the most demanding conditions. And decades of testing have demonstrated this:
products and ideas that can survive the Arctic can thrive anywhere.

And here in Sweden, sustainability runs more than skin deep. For thousands of years the
inhabitants of this unique region have learned to live in sync with Nature. That tradition
continues today, where Arctic Sweden is one of the few regions of the world to be
completely powered by 100% renewable energy all year round, thanks to its vast wind and
hydropower resources that provide clean, reliable electricity at Europe’s lowest prices. That
is why here in the North, Sustainability and Innovation converge.

And as the global need for completely new approaches to industry and sustainability grow
ever more urgent due to the challenges of Climate Change, Demo North will assist by sharing
our experiences and unique offerings to a world that urgently needs to test and adopt new

Who is behind Demo North?

Demo North is founded and operated by Invest in Norrbotten. Invest in Norrbotten is the agency established to attract international investors and capital to the Norrbotten region, as well as helping local companies expand by finding the right overseas partners to assist their growth. We support companies planning to establish or expand business in our region, and with our wide network of local, regional and national business contacts, we ensure a smooth and swift investment process for your company. Naturally, all our services are free of charge and conducted with full confidentiality. You can read more about us at www.investinnorrbotten.se

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