- What is included in the price?




Guests are responsible for booking their own accommodation and ticket to and from Luleå/Kiruna, which is not included in the ticket price.

- How to dress?

Think business casual for the event. Most of the summit will take place indoors, and there are short walking distances between most hotels and venues.

Although, it is good to keep in mind that May is a month when the weather vary a lot. Even though spring is on its way, it can be chilly – so bring a warm coat. We are not only facing a bright future up in the north, but we are also entering the period of the midnight sun, so do bring your sunglasses.

- What is the weather like?

Please take a look at SMHI for current weather forecast before you pack your suitcase.

- What else can I experience in Luleå and Swedish Lapland?

There are plenty of sights ranging from cultural history to unique nature to explore in Swedish Lapland. Please visit Swedish Lapland for more information about our region.