Demo North Summit 2024

Over 3 days in May 2024, more than 250 business leaders, investors, innovators, and policy delegates from all over the globe, gather in Northern Sweden for the third edition of Demo North Summit. The event covers a wide spectrum – from raw material and energy to societal development. Along side a full day  industrial tour and welcome event and then a whole day conference – we also get together for dinners and the “in-betweens” where you find both the expected and unexpected values of future opportunities. Meet both establisched  companies and new forward thinkers, eager to shape the future. Let's create great opportunities for new businesses and ideas!
Demo North Summit 2024 (DNS) is arranged at the same week as Sveriges Innovationsriksdag. Sveriges Innovationsriksdag (SIR) is the flagship annual conference for the Swedish Incubators and Science Parks Association (SISP). Demo North is focusing on gathering investors, suppliers, sub suppliers, decision makers and agencies to be a part of building tomorrow in several levels.Sveriges Innovationsriksdag and Demo North Summit together will be able to offer even more possibilities of net working and knowledge to partners and delegates. Together we will focus on collaboration for maximum effect of the green transformation from a regional, national and international perspective.

Monday May 13

Tuesday May 14

Wednesday May 15

Thursday May 16

Industrial Tour & Networking

This first part of the conference will take you on a journey to provide you with an overview of where the new green industries are going to grow. It will also give you a good understanding of the area, including cities, the Port of Luleå, industrial parks, some of the leading actors in the green transformation, Luleå University of Technology, and show other aspects that make Norrbotten a valuable region.


Industrial tour

We will pick you up and tour the Luleå industrial Park to witness the synergy
between longstanding industries and the emerging green sectors. This area will accommodate LKAB, SSAB´s new facility, Power2Earth, Talga and Uniper. Port of Luleå is undergoing a huge construction phase and will be an important hub within the new infrastructure required in the green transformation.




Presentations by H2 Green Steel and Boden Business Park


Industrial tour Boden and transfer back to Luleå


Meet, greet & eat at Bistron

Welcome meet & greet with mingle, dinner and an official welcome to this
region hosted by:
• Anders Öberg - County Council of Norrbotten
• Pär Weihed - Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology
• Claes Nordmark - Mayor of Boden Municipality
• Fredrik Hansson - Deputy Mayor of Luleå Municipality
• Henrik Ölvebo - Deputy Mayor of Gällivare Municipality
• Lena Segerlund - CEO Invest in Norrbotten

Practical information

If you have registered to join the Industrial Tour you have two options for pick up:

Option 1 -  09.30-10.30
Pick up by a Demo North bus directly when arriving at Luleå Airport. Read
more about transfer, recommended flights and hotels 

Observe that if you are flying in with a later flight you must arrange your own transfer to your hotel and participation on Industrial Tour is not

Option 2 - 10.45 AM
Pick up at
Kulturens Hus, in the center of Luleå – if you arrive by train, by car or the day before, the Demo North buses will instead pick you up at Kulturens Hus for the Industrial Tour. Observe that you cannot join the tour by car.

Food during the day

Despite pick up option – we want you to be in a good mood so of course we will be serving coffee and snacks on the Demo North buses during the day.

LUNCH is included in the Industrial tour so you won’t go hungry.


Registration - Kulturens Hus, Luleå


Official program on main stage begins


Building tomorrow's resources - panel discussion

Uniper, Patrik Hermansson
LKAB, David Högnelid
Power2Earth, Björn Santana Arvidsson
Talga, Tom Kearney
SSAB, Carl Wangel

To accelerate the green transformation and inhance Europe´s self-sufficiency in critical minerals required for the electrification for our society, food production and fossil free steel - the industry and politics are working on the challenge of increasing the supply and create more resilient supply chains.


Building new infrastructure - panel discussion

Nordion Energi, Björn Santana Arvidsson
Polar Structure, Daniel Kronheffer
Telia, Niclas Krantz
Port of Luleå, John Sundvall

Industrial growth as well as the growth in society requires new and extended infrastructure in all aspects. This comprehensive infrastructure development is essential not just for supporting increased industrial activities and societal needs, but also for fostering innovation and sustainability in a rapidly evolving global landscape.


Building sustainable energy solutions
- panel discussion

Luleå University of Technology, Dr Cecilia Wallmark
Vattenfall, Mikael Nordlander
RWE, Matilda Machacek
Luleå Energi, Malin Larsson

As the demand for energy increases to secure the requirements for both industry and
society, investments in new and sustainable energy solutions, along with smarter
approaches to accessing existing energy, are needed.


Coffee Break


What outsiders don´t get about Norrbotten - an outsiders perspectiv. Per Grankvist, journalist and storyteller - Keynote


Building society expansion - panel discussion

Meta, Lisa Sig Olesen
Parmaco, Rikard Nyhrén
Lindbäcks, Fredrik Hemborg
Region Norrbotten, Janus Brandin

The green transformation requires new homes, more people, more knowledge and an
extended society. This will require new solutions in housing, public properties, talent
attraction and social values.


The world's largest funding round in 2023 - how we did it – Henrik Henriksson, CEO H2 Green Steel. Keynote




Building Tomorrow - Catarina Rolfsdotter Jansson


End of program on main stage - time for swedish fika and to get to break out session of your choice


Break out sessions

Building Industrial Value Chains
Venue: Världsarvet+Hägnan, fifth floor

This session show investment opportunities and best practice case within the value chains of the industry such as industrial symbioses and the need and development of construction projects. I will also show how new businesses in the food tech area emerges taking advantage of the residual heat from the industry.

14.30-14.35 – Welcome
14.35-15.05 Fortum turns residues to resources – creating a basis for industrial
Fortum Waste Solutions, Jessica Cedervall

15.10-15.25 Opportunities for large-scale greenhouse and aqua production
based on the ongoing green industrial transition where residual flows are used
for food production.

Invest in Norrbotten Matz Engman, Senior Industrial Advisor at Invest in Norrbotten

15.30-16.00 From paper to Pomodoro
WA3RM, Fredrik Indebetou

16.05-16.35 The need for construction to keep up with the industrial transformation
Panel discussion with:
Lindbäcks, David Sundström
Parmaco, Ylva Ridderheim
Byggföretagen, Erik Ranängen

16.35-16.45 Wrap up
Johan Sjökvist

Building Energy Value Chains
Venue: Lilla Scen, fifth floor

This session will partly focus on a vision of the energy value chains in Norrbotten in the
future. What investments need to fall in to place? What collaborations need to develop?

14.30-14.50 The energy system in Norrbotten 2034

14.55-15.35 The power system – panel dialogue about the vision
Vattenfall, Mikael Nordlander
RWE Renewables, Roland Flaig
Luleå Energi, Malin Larsson
Polar Structure, Per Langer
Nordion Energi, Björn Santana Arvidsson

15.50-16.30 Hydrogen and fuel – panel discussion
RWE, Robin Basten
Vattenfall/Hybrit, Mikael Nordlander
Nordion Energi, Björn Santana Arvidsson
Lhyfe, Sara Wihlborg, Aditi Bhasin
Uniper, Patrik Hermansson

16.30-16.45 – Wrap up
Fredrik Granberg & Ulf Westerlund

Building People & Places
Venue: Main stage, fourth floor

In this session we will continue and deepen the discussion from main stage exploring the
challenges and opportunities when a society need to grow rapidly, all at once. How do we attract people? How do we create environmentally good places and the collaborations of tomorrow?

14.30-14.35 Welcome
by Catarina Rolfsdotter Jansson

Industrial transformation to sustainable society – what does it take?

- The color purple and the place of culture in a green transformation
Theodor Ringborg, Konsthall Tornedalen

14:55-15.15  Addressing the population challenge through an innovation lab involving all municipalities in Norrbotten

15.15-15.35 Panel discussion
Region Norrbotten, Stina Almkvist, Ella Jonsson
Pajala Municipality, Robert Hawkins
Konsthall Tornedalen, Theodor Ringborg

15.50-15.35 Panel discussion
Region Norrbotten, Stina Almkvist
Wrap up with all the above

15.40-16.10 Session 2 Life between chimneys
SSAB, Sara Arvidsson
Warm in the winter, Björn Ekelund

16.10-16.20 A multi-stakeholder approach for generating sustainable growth
MindDig, Chana Svensson

16.20-16.40 Attracting the right skills for sustainable and holistic growth
SSAB, Karoline Vikingdotter Törmä
MindDig, Chana Svensson
Arctic Space Technology, Sandra Nilsson

16.40-16.45 Wrap up with Catarina Rolfsdotter Jansson

Building knowledge for the green transformation
Venue: Olga Bardh, fourth floor

Luleå University of Technology
together with industry and society representatives.
Converge to explore the forefront of innovation, dive deep into the emerging opportunities and challenges shaping the green and digital transition. Here, discussed and presented by leading researchers from Luleå University of Technology together with industry and society representatives.


Break for mingle or spare time
We encourage you to hang out in our Business corner on the fifth floor!


Chat and dine, Kulturens Hus, special host Meta


Departure by bus from Kulturens Hus


Site visit, Boliden Aitik

Autonomous trucks and a glimps of the future


Bus transfer to Kunskapshuset in Gällivare


Lunch hosted by WA3RM

14.00 - 14.15

Welcome to Gällivare & presentations

Henrik Ölvebo, Gällivare municipality

Lars Lindberg, CEO Gällivare Näringsliv AB



Monika Sammelin, General Manager, Area Malmberget, Business Area Iron Ore, LKAB


Circular Industrial Cluster

Erik Carlsson, Hydrogen/Oxygen Gällivare Näringsliv AB



Roger Hansson, Head of region north at WA3RM AB


Arctic Food Arena

Laura Redmond, Project Manager of Arctic Food Arena, a project run by Gällivare
Näringsliv funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Norrbotten.


Bus transfer to Dundret


Sip, eat & sum up, Dundret

Presentations by Dundret Lapland & Gällivare municipality


Bus departure for Kiruna Airport


Bus departure for Luleå


Arrival Luleå

For those who has not booked the flight back to Stockholm from Kiruna.

More information about flights is found here.
Obeserve that you are responsible for your own travel plan (flights, train or car) to get to the conference and home again.

Partners – Demo North

Who is behind Demo North?

Demo North Summit is founded and operated by Invest in Norrbotten partly as an activity in an EU project called “Hållbara Investeringar”. Invest in Norrbotten is the agency established to attract international investors and capital to the Norrbotten region, as well as helping local companies expand by finding the right overseas partners to assist their growth. We support companies planning to establish or expand business in our region. and with our wide network of local, regional and national business contacts, we ensure a smooth and swift investment process for your company. Naturally, all our services are free of charge and conducted with full confidentiality.
You can read more about us at

Frida Ekeström

Project Manager
+46 70 219 38 17

Malin Ekblom

Inward Investment Manager
+4670 777 78 49